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[audio]2.14.14 God Is Crucified - Geoff Mumley
CCF Friday Night FellowshipMetaphors for God: God is CrucifiedGeoff Mumley
Keywords: ccf fnf
Downloads: 36
[audio]The Crucified God
A talk by Dr. Jürgen Moltmann
Keywords: The Cross
Downloads: 1,096
[audio]Christ Crucified: The Wisdom and Power of God
Pastor Dave Brooks brings this message to New Testament Baptist Church in Norton, MA on March 20th, 2011.
Keywords: NTBC Sermons; Dave Brooks; Corinthians; March 20; Wisdom; Power; Christ Crucified; Norton
Downloads: 4
[audio]03 30 2014 God's Ways Are Higher - Pastor John Faull
God's Ways are HigherOur one work as the Church is to preach “Christ and Him crucified,” fully aware of the fact that to some it is foolishness, and to others a stumbling-block. There is, and has always been, a fatal tendency to use the world’s weapons in the Church’s work; to worship intellect, learning, genius, scholarship, eloquence; to look on these things as the treasury and armory of the Church; to depend on what man can do instead of what is God can do; to depend on that which ap...
Keywords: End Times; Last Days; Acts Church; Pastor John Faull; True Christianity; Jesus; Spiritual Warfare; Sermon
Downloads: 14
[audio]Crucified with Christ - pastorjmcgouirk
www.baptistthreshingfloor.com- a sermon on Galatians 2:20 concerning the believer's death to the law and life to God
Keywords: sermon; Galatians; crucified; Christ; law; grace; life; death; apostle Paul; legalism; phariseeSon of God
Downloads: 20
[audio]Living a Crucified Life - Tim O'Fallon
Living a Crucified Life
Keywords: Christian; God; life; Crucified
Downloads: 6
[audio]2010-11-28 (PM) All the Promises of God in Christ - Ron L Clark, Faith Memorial Baptist Church, Overton, NS, Canada
This sermon on 2 Corinthians 1:15-20 takes note of Paul's defence of himself and the Gospel he preached, the sum and substance of it being Christ and Him crucified: He could preach no other because all the promises of God are in Christ Jesus.
Keywords: Lord Willing; Salvation; Christ Alone; Grace Alone; Covenant Promises; Christ Confirms the Promises; Christ Administers the Promises
Downloads: 16
[audio]03/24/2013 - Palm Sunday A.M. Sermon - "When God Cried" - Preached by Pastor Dale Arnett of Mason Assembly of God Church, 425 East South Street, Mason, MI USA - Pastor Dale Arnett - Lead Pastor, Mason Assembly of God Church, 425 East South Street, Mason, Michigan USA
03/24/2013 - Palm Sunday A.M. Sermon - "When God Cried" - Preached by Pastor Dale Arnett of Mason Assembly of God Church, 425 East South Street, Mason, MI USA. Luke 19: 36-44. Amid all the crowd's support on Palm Sunday, ran a darker current of rejection that would soon reveal itself against Jesus of Nazareth. The Son of God would look with weeping upon the people who didn't realize the Messiah they longed for was in their midst - didn't recognize the day of their visitation...
Keywords: Palm Sunday; Jesus Weeping; Luke 19:36-44; Crucified; Salvation
Downloads: 11
[movies]44. Was Christ Crucified Deedat vs Wakefeild - IPCI
Was Christ Crucified Deedat vs Wakefeild ( TRUTHWAY TV ) http://www.truthway.tv
Keywords: Ahmed; Deedat; Debate; Muslim; Christian; God; Allah; Quran; Koran; Muhammad; Mohammad; Jesus; Christ; Myth; Gospel; Bible; Mosque; Church; Islam; Christianity; Religion; TRUTHWAY TV; God; Lord; Crucifixion; Cross; Trinity; Divinity
Downloads: 5,869
[audio]We Preach Christ Crucified - 9/9/12 (Sun PM) - Jarrod Jacobs
A Bible sermon preached by Jarrod Jacobs on Sunday PM, 9/9/12. In this sermon, we study about the phrase stated by the apostle Paul: "We preach Christ crucified."
Keywords: God; Jesus; Christ; Holy Spirit; Bible; Book; Word; Truth; Paul; Apostle; We; Preach; Christ; Crucified; Timothy; Corinthians; Matthew; mark; Luke; John; Peter; Slaves; Romans; Faith; Repentance; Confession; Baptism; Faithfulness; Christians; Evangelism; Messiah; Life; Death; Burial; Resurrection; Ascension
Downloads: 9
[movies]Was Jesus Christ Crucified or Saved Before Crucifiction by God?
This is a video of a debate which took place on November 30, 2006 at UC Davis. The speakers are Ali Ataie and Mike Licona and they discuss the 1st century fate of Jesus Christ from the Muslim and Christian perspectives
Keywords: islam , Moslem , Jesus , Cristo , ÇáãÓíÍ , Allah , God, Dios , debate
Downloads: 275
[audio]God's truth: unchanging over history - Pastor Michael Hodge (Sermon), Mark Fagerstrom (Children's sermon), Seldals (Imagine)
Pastor Michael Hodge continues in Galatians 4 talking about the absolute, unchanging Word, and the Gospel. In this world that calls black white and white bloack, and things are all murky...the Apostle Paul, speaking under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reminds us that the Gospel is unchanging, and will remain unchanged thorugh history. And, it is so important to tell the truth, proclaiming the Gospel correctly, no matter what the cost...
Keywords: Gospel; Christ Crucified; Galatians; False Teachers
Downloads: 13
[audio]God's unchanging word through history - Pastor Michael Hodge (sermon), Mark Fagerstrom (Childern's sermon), Karen Hannan and Seldals ("I Can Only Imagine")
Pastor Michael Hodge continues in Galatians 4 talking about the absolute, unchanging Word, and the Gospel. In this world that calls black white and white bloack, and things are all murky...the Apostle Paul, speaking under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reminds us that the Gospel is unchanging, and will remain unchanged thorugh history. And, it is so important to tell the truth, proclaiming the Gospel correctly, no matter what the cost...
Keywords: Gospel; Christ Crucified and Risen; False teachers
Downloads: 19
[audio]Who is Jesus to you? - Ebenezer IM Church, Haydock
Who is Jesus to you? A good man? A crucified Saviour? Or a risen God and judge?
Keywords: jesus
Downloads: 13
[audio]Healed Of Backsliding - Robert Wurtz II
This reading deals with the Saints freedom from Sin and how God has healed them of their backsliding. 
Keywords: freedom from sin; deliverance; christian perfection; dead to sin; crucified with Christ; Isaiah 53:5
Downloads: 10
[audio]032311 Wed
Pastor Bill Donaldson Gal 2:20 Are you truly crucified with Christ? If you try to imitate Christ, you will fail. If you try to follow Christ, you will fail. It must be an identification. Most believers aren't crucified with Christ, they live carnal lives. They won't put something in their lives to death. You must die to self to live for Christ. Heb 12 If you ride the fence and don't give yourself completely to Christ this evil world will destroy you...
Keywords: davesdadmsk; Pastor Bill Donaldson; Liberty Baptist Temple; Muskogee; Ok; King James; Independent Baptist; crucified; Christ
Downloads: 15 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Acts of the Apostles: Community with a Purpose - Brian Saylor
www.newjourneyfellowship.com Peter's MESSAGE- Jesus crucified; The Messiah RESURRECTED; Peter's CHALLENGE; The CONVICTION; WHAT to do?; The CONVERSIONS, The COMMUNITY
Keywords: New Journey Fellowship; God; Lord; Father; Jesus; Savior; Christ; Christian; Bible; life; heaven; Spiritual; church; crucified; resurrected; challenge; conviction; conversion; community
Downloads: 8
[audio]Nothing But Christ And Him Crucified (Fri PM - 11/12/2010)
A Bible sermon preached by Coulter Wickerham. This sermon was based on I Corinthians 2:1-5.
Keywords: God; Bible; Jesus; Christ; Truth; Corinthians; Paul; Ephesians; Colossians; Preach Crucified; Crucifixion; Preaching; Approach; Content; Purposeful; Purpose; Danger; Listen; Listening; Redemption; Love; True; Perfect; Bond; Unity; Peter; Messiah
Downloads: 12
[audio]022110 Adult Sunday School Philippians part 6
Pastor Bill Donaldson Phil 2:5-11. Mortimor the trucker, . Col 1. Humility. God humbled Himself to be man, then a servant, then to be crucified.
Keywords: davesdadmsk; Liberty Baptist Temple; Pastor Bill Donaldson; Muskogee; Ok; King James; Independent Baptist
Downloads: 6
[audio]Loon Radio 23 Xmas Horus - Damon Nomad
This is my celebration of the Birth of the sky god Horus, from whom jesus's followers stole many things including the virgin birth, being visited by three wise guys, being crucified and raising people from the dead.
Keywords: loon Radio; Loon; Radio; WXPI; WIlliamsport; Williamsport Community Radio; music; popular music; protest; Zimmerman; solstice; christmas; horus
Downloads: 23
[movies]The crucifixion of Jesus - Carl Willis
Jesus is taken away to be crucified.
Keywords: Jesus; crucifixion; cross; God; Bible; Christianity
Downloads: 772 (1 review)
[texts]Christianity €“ how to be saved, have eternal life, obtain forgiveness, find God and be a Christ follower [Jesus Christ] - sartre; camus; existential; ximenes; jimenez, diodatti, calvin; luther; catholique; communist; no time; agnostic; atheist; bormann; brotherhood; raptured; universal; fromm; lincoln; jefferson; adams; de gaule; francais; anglais; italien; espagnol; spanien; spanish; spaniard; peron; guavara; castro; lcwe; wcc; cheech; church; rick warren; death resurrction; cross christ; la croix; chretien; crestien; school; escuela; karl marx; radek; lenine; homework; ecole; le reste; bastards; fools 4 christ; jesus christ; cristos; dieu; torrey; tozer; boheme; deos; dios; eglise; zocialisten; wiz; socialisten; barnes; chuck smith; oswald allis; spurgeon; chong; manual; guide; christian socialist; capitalist; skousen; klare; christian; christ follower; chomsky; post industrial; toffler; savage; limbaugh; marx; darwin; matrix; regenerated; delusional; drugs; weeds; 420; fun days; short days; time travel; jesus christ krist; simpsons; kalifa, last chance;
Sure people talk about Salvation, without defining the term. What is salvation ? Is there a short guide that can tell me ? what is Eternal life ? How can someone find or obtain or ask for eternal life ? How does someone become a christian ? Does conversion involve some external ritual, or is it an action od the will, a conscious intention ,and asking God to save you ? Do I have to repent ? What would I repent from ? How does God pay any penalty for the sins I have committed ? How can I be sure t...
Keywords: Eternal life; how to be saved; engagement personel; born again; reborn; rebirth; virgin birth; Jesus Christ; Krist; ixoye; Christos; xristos; kristus; eternity; salvation works; sanctification works; pupose driven; spiritual truth; spirituality; acim; biblical truth; biblicist; zeolla; textus; third heaven; spiritual delusion; seminary; seminaire; pastor; mark marc beast; shepherd; shepherding; vie eternel; vida; nouveau testament; ancient testament; feminism; skeptic; atheism; atheist; agnostic; christianity; jesus; jesu; yesu; isa; issa; iesus; pas l'eglise; symbolic currency; earring slavery; esclave; esclavage; afrique; arabie seoudite; seven sisters; oil nations; pour contre; post; apres; fin monde; end times; seven years; falling away; cainites adl; cain abel; occult theocracy; novo seclorum; rosicrucian; babylone; predication; pasteurs; desert; la ley; istoria; charles lea; adopted; manifested sons; conspiracy; conspiration; apostate; blasphemy; john locke; karl marx; 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telecharger; gratuis; gratis; predestination; no monopoly; 2020; private property; libertarian; liberalism; allegory; university studies; allegoric; patria; loco parentis; nunca mas; dictatorship; inquisition; emancipation; slavery; civil rights; turque; grec ancient; latina; global 2000; discovery; alice wonderland; carter bailey: karma cola; sanscrit; banned; free speech; true islam; islem; six six six; bill bright; mears; counterfeit; details; spurgeon; scofield; cyrus; scoffield; gary north; reconstruction; rushdoony; armenian christian; turkish; personal growth: spiritual dimentilatter on; younggi cho; bible societies; society; ohne; versions; editions; geneva; de beze; rick warren; roman catholic; universal; universel; universalism; undo curses; generational curses; wizard truth; video dvd; games; possession; demon; keine; demonic; demoniaque: deliverance; beautiful evil; bible translation; traducteur; open door; dhimmi; translate; transliteration; elect; paraphrase; westcott; hort; 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third temple; dome rock; federal reserve note; communication skills; unhappy; seeking; none dare call; eternal condition; questions answers; dates bible; ecole; occult lady; BC BCE; anno domini; ancient inn; logan; censored speech; eveque; archon; spiritual condition; starvation; famine; kartel; cartel; spiritualism; ethiopie; occultism; occultist; wicca; witchcraft; lost tribes; 1984; incubus; curses; blessings; comment apprendre; positive attitude; sin nature; manual; guild; guide; school; instruction; not pelagian; octavian; grandparents; unconditional love; youtube; sucubus; man sin salvation; perdition; new messiah; le messie; israelite; christianismo; christianisme; rastafari; gramaire; sons men; prophecy; langue; emergent; mystical; mysticism; twilight; vampire; shape shifter; mib men black; prophetic; annointing; christed: righteous; grammaire; unrighteous; convict; prisoner; prisonner; prisonier; convicted; exonorated; bankrupt; estate berth; authentic; no rights; real; fake history; generation; before death; after death; griving; abortion; avortement; help me god; peace mind; peacefull; strength
Downloads: 1,409 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[audio]Psalm 130 - Mark Fagerstrom - Mark Fagerstrom
Today, on this record warm morning, Mark Fagerstrom stepped in for Jonathan Abel, who was ill, and Pastor Michael Hodge, who was out of town. So, our service was pretty much "flying by the seat of our pants", but God was glorified, Christ crucified was preached, and thus, no worries! Enjoy Mark as he expounds on Psalm 130.
Keywords: Mark Fagerstrom; Psalm 130
Downloads: 9
[movies]"The Easter Sermon from Christ Church Plano"
As Christians we accept that Jesus was not just a Man Who was crucified but the sinless Lamb of God who paid the price for our sins. He arose from the dead as the living Lord and now reigns eternal as the Leader of our faith.Sermon based on Mark 16:1-8.Recorded Sunday April 12, 2009, 11 a.m.
Downloads: 6
[audio]Jesus: the Word, John 1:1-3 - kpont@kpont.com
Weâre celebrating Easter today because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth lived a sinless life, and being crucified took the punishment for our sins. By His death He conquered sin, death and hell for our sake and by His resurrection we are justified.
Downloads: 366
[movies]Jesus Was Crucified On 12 Sided Polygon - elperfecto.com
Jesus Was crucified on 12-sided Polygon ...also called an irregular dodecagon. Since Jesus is the only begotten son of God, the Creator of earth, the sun, the moon, and the heavens above, then why would the Creator choose a 12-sided polygon on which he was crucified? He could have picked any shape, but he chose a cross with 12 sides. The Pattern of 12 helps explain this significance. http://www.elperfecto.com/2011/11/07/12-why-is-this-number-all-around-us/ The universe was built with a pattern o...
Keywords: Blender, animation, space, stars, cross, polygon; animation; space; stars; cross; polygon
Downloads: 80
[audio](Jesus Tells About His Coming Death) - RenDecatur
This week we are in Matthew 16:21-28.There are good plans and there are God plans, Just because a plan looks good and sounds nice, doesn't mean that is what God has for us. Gods plan for Jesus was for him to be crucified for our sins, he was to be killed so that we might live. The disciple Peter disagreed with the idea of Jesus dying. His wanted Jesus to live out his days as king and ruler. Jesus called him satan because his eyes were not on the things of God, but the things of man...
Keywords: God; Faith; Love; Jesus; Joy; Decatur; Renaissance
Downloads: 40
[texts]With God : a book of prayers and reflections - Lasance, F. X. (Francis Xavier), 1860-1946
Contents Introduction 5 Table of Movable Feasts 30 Table of Feasts of Obligation 31 Fasting-days of Obligation 32 Some Movable Feasts of Special Devotion 32 The Calendar. 34 Sanctify the Day 48 Sanctify the Week 57 Sanctify the Month 59 Gems of the Months 61 Hymn . . . 62 Devotion and Devotions 63 Introductory Reflections 80 1. — On Prayer. — Vocal Prayer in Particular 80 2. — Vocal Prayer as Distinct from Mental Prayer 98 Ejaculations...
Keywords: Catholic Church -- Prayers And Devotions; Catholic Church; Catholic Church -- Prayers And Devotions -- English
Downloads: 28
[movies]Islam A Short Comment - Richard Merrell
A word regarding what the Quran says of that God does NOT have a Son and that Jesus/Yeshua was NOT crucified. These 2 points is a total denial of the truth and makes Islam and all who follow it to be enemies of the Cross, enemies of the gospel; enemies of God and his Son. You can read the text at www.richard-2782.net/islam.htm  I will upload the document here also if that is possible.
Keywords: Quran denies the gospel; Quran; Gospel; the truth; enemies of the Cross; Quran denies God has a Son; Islam denies the crucifixion
Downloads: 3
[audio]Foundation of Faith: The Apostles' Creed - Brian Saylor
www.newjourneyfellowship.com Apostlesâ Creed; God the Father: All Powerful, Creative, Dependable, Caring, Faithful; Jesus Christ: Conceived by Godâs Spirit to meet our needs, Born to be our Savior, Suffered to heal our hurts, Crucified to make us acceptable to God, Died & buried to free us from our fear of death, Descended & rose again to forgive our sins, Ascended to give us spiritual gifts, Is seated to pray for us, Will come again to judge and reward...
Keywords: New Journey Fellowship; God; Lord; Jesus; Christ; Savior; Father; Spirit; Holy; Bible; Scripture; foundation; faith; apostle; creed
Downloads: 25
[movies]Mathew 27:59-28:20 video - Pastor Rick Brown
Pastor Rick Brown gives a sermon on Mathew 27:59 thru 28:20 Jesus is tried crucified and rises again.
Keywords: Mathew; God; Crucifixion:Resurection
Downloads: 150
[audio]Crucified Unity - Sun AM (11/14/10)
A sermon by Coulter Wickerham, #4 in series, concerning the crucifixion of Christ. This is based on the statement in I Cor. 2:2. This sermon was preached for the Southside church of Christ.
Keywords: God; Jesus; Christ; Holy Spirit; Bible; Book; Truth; Crucify; Crucified; Crucifixion; Passion; Unity; Unity; Corinthians; John; Prayer; Prayed; Learn; Submit; Submitted; Old; New; Testament; Father; Son; Mark; Samaritan; Prodigal; Self; Philippians; Ephesians; Communication; Confront; Confronting; Confrontation; Confrontational; Acts; Action; Actions; Rights; Freedoms; Tradition; Traditions; Scripture; Scriptures; Eli; Miracle; Believe
Downloads: 14
[audio]Gospel of Matthew Sermon Series - part 36 - Rev Ruth Joy Capozzi
Gospel of Matthew Sermon Chapter 27 (Audio Teaching Series part 36), Jesus is delivered to Pilate, Judas is remorseful and hangs himself. Barabbas is set free and Christ is crucified. Living the Gospel of the Kingdom makes a difference to the world around us, walk as Kingdom Citizens in the Word of God. We must know The Word. Scriptures used are: Matthew Chapter 27. Teaching Series by Rev Ruth Joy Capozzi, Bloomsburg Community Church Sermons 2009.
Keywords: gospel of matthew; the cross; cross of christ; christ crucified; gospel; matthew; jesus; pilate; judas; barabbas; word of god; gospel of the kingdom; teaching; sunday school; bloomsburg community church; pastor alfred capozzi; rev ruth joy capozzi; sermon; audio sermons; sermon series; sermons; church sermons; christian sermons
Downloads: 5
[audio]School of Prayer - Abide In Christ by Andrew Murray - Chapter 11 of 31 - The Crucified One - Andrew Murray
School of Prayer - Abide In Christ by Andrew Murray - Chapter 11 of 31 - The Crucified One School of Prayer â Like George Muller ...all needs shall be presented to God in prayer and waiting on God to provide for all needs without ever mentioning anything to anyone; and God will provide all that is His will for His glory alone at His timing....God has never failed to provide everything needed for this ministry! Please pray for the School of Prayer that God will provide all and to His glory alone...
Keywords: School of Prayer; Andrew Murray; prayers; Peter-John Parisis; Christ; God; Jesus; Bible; Christian; Christianity; sermon; testimony
Downloads: 59
[audio]School of Prayer - Abide In Christ by Andrew Murray - Chapter 11 of 31 - The Crucified One - Andrew Murray
School of Prayer - Abide In Christ by Andrew Murray - Chapter 11 of 31 - The Crucified One School of Prayer â Like George Muller ...all needs shall be presented to God in prayer and waiting on God to provide for all needs without ever mentioning anything to anyone; and God will provide all that is His will for His glory alone at His timing....God has never failed to provide everything needed for this ministry! Please pray for the School of Prayer that God will provide all and to His glory alone...
Keywords: School of Prayer; Andrew Murray; prayers; Peter-John Parisis; Christ; God; Jesus; Bible; Christian; Christianity; sermon; testimony
Downloads: 177
[audio]Comitted to Jesus 1 Corinthians 1:18 ... - DCBC - Devonport Community Baptist Church - Mike Law 2010
Mike Law proclaims the work of Christ on the Cross as the most important and central teaching of the Bible. As such it is the message that we all should hold out to the world with unapologetic and unflinching Zeal! Why? Because it alone is the message that saves, without the gimick of spin and manipulating of emotions, it proclaimed through the Power of the Spirit, will save and convert the dead and depraved (which we all are) - we are all to be committed to Jesus, and the Gospel of the Crucifie...
Keywords: Commitememnt; Jesus; Christ; Crucified; Gospel; Salvation; Islam; JWs; Cults; Doctrine; Bible; Holy; Spirit; Father; God; Proclaim; Truth; Church
Downloads: 15
[audio]Sermon Good Friday - Pastor Alfred Capozzi
Sermon Good Friday Audio Sermon Series, The Word of God declares that Jesus willingly was crucified on the Cross of Calvary taking upon Himself the weight of our sins to become our righteousness. Scriptures used are: Gosel of Luke 19, Matthew 21, Exodus 12. Bloomsburg Community Church Audio Sermons 2011.
Keywords: good friday; crucifixion; the cross; sermon; jesus the lord; faith; word of god; pentecostal sermon; pentecostal preaching; audio sermon; 2011 audio sermons; teaching; joy bringer ministries; bloomsburg community church; pastor alfred capozzi; rev ruth joy capozzi; sermon; audio sermons; sermon series; sermons; church sermons; christian sermons
Downloads: 12
[movies]Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus Muslim Version Spoken Word Response
A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. This is not an attack upon Christians, so please don’t take this as offensive, it’s just a means of education and let people know what Jesus was truly sent with. Jesus is a Prophet of Islam, yet a God of Christianity. In Islam God is all Powerful, But in Christianity God was overpowered and crucified on the cross, how can the Almighty God be overpowered, these are just examples for people to think about, we are not ...
Keywords: Religion; Love Jesus; Muslim Version; Spoken Word
Downloads: 72
[texts]Saint Luke: His Life, Character, And Teaching being brief spiritual readings for Advent and Lent - Harrison, McVeigh
CONTENTS TITLe ADVENT Saint Luke, the Man Our Saint, the Typical Disciple of Jesus His First Appearance ; The Love of the Son of God for Us The Love of the Son of Man for Us Our Response to Jesus' Love Prayer Intercession The Blessed Sacrament Holy Communion Preparation for Holy Communion Thanksgiving after Holy Communion. The Holy Sacrifice Our Meditation The Help of the Holy Spirit Wisdom's Children Our Spiritual Eye Bible Study Spiritual Reading The Blessed Virgin The Example of the Blessed V...
Keywords: Bible. -- Luke; Luke, Saint
Downloads: 14
[audio]The Word of Assurance - Kent Sperry
One of the words spoken by Jesus from the cross was a word of assurance spoken to one of the thieves crucified next to him. In this message, Pastor Kent Sperry shows that we also receive the same assurance in the words of Scripture so that, like the thief, we no longer have to fear death or the judgment of God.
Keywords: judgment; death; assurance; Pastor Kent Sperry
Downloads: 1,400
[audio]The Power of The Cross - Yan Hadley - Yan Hadley
In this message we see that the cross is not something that we sentimentally sing about, decoratively wear, or symbolically look to, rather it is the power of God enabling us to live life in a new dimension. For that power though to be experienced it must be central to our daily lives
Keywords: Jesus Christ crucified; Saviour of the world; Cross at Calvary; there is no beauty that we should desire Him. He is despised and rejected by men; a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; He was despised and we did not esteem Him. Forgiveness; assurance; victory; compassion; unconditional; unbeatable; unlimited; unmistakeable; resentment; fear; defeat; failure; curiosity; search; spiritual
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[audio]Sermon: Acts 2:23 - Pastor J. Witteveen
Jesus was crucified according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God. At the same time, those who were guilty of having Christ put to death remain responsible for their actions. How do we reconcile these things? Can we? Should we? And how does this relationship between Divine sovereignty and human responsibility impact our lives?
Keywords: sermon; Reformed; Christian; Canadian Reformed; Acts; sovereignty; Divine sovereignty; predestination; human responsibility; suffering
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[audio]Ever Present Spiritual Dangers: Bewitching Spirits - Mark Hughes
Bro. Hughes delivers the second in his series of messages about Ever Present Spiritual Dangers. In our scripture text, Paul asks of the church in Galatia: âwho hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth â After having been given the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for the remission of sin, the Galatians began to return to the old law. The devil does not want us relying on the gospel of Christ crucified because he knows that this is God's plan...
Keywords: bewitching spirit; truth; danger; sermon; gospel of christ
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[audio]How Can I Share My Faith? -- Acts 8:26-40 - Pastor Gregg Bitter
Go. Glow. Show. Grow. We see these in Philip as he shares his faith with the Ethiopian eunuch. How can we also share our faith? Parts: A. Go around the roadblocks. B. Glow with genuine concern. C. Show them Jesus, crucified for them and risen. D. Know that the outcome is in God's hands. Preached on May 10, 2009, for the Fifth Sunday of Easter at St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church, Hancock, MN.
Keywords: evangelism; love; gospel
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[texts]Ahmed Deedat Book Collection
Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles Arabs And Israel Conflict Or Conciliation Can You Stomach The Best Of Rushdie Christ In Islam Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction Is The Bible Gods Word Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم The Greatest Muhummed صلى الله عليه وسلم The Natural Successor To Christ Resurrection Or Resuscitation The God That Never Was Was Jesus Crucified What Is His Name What The Bible Says About Muhammad What Was The Sign Of Jonah Who Moved The Stone
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[texts]Beneficium Christi. The benefit of Christ's death; or, The gloious riches of God's free grace, which every true believer receives by Jesus Christ, and Him crucified - Benedetto da Mantova, fl. 1534-1541. [from old catalog]

Keywords: Atonement
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[audio]3rd Sunday in Lent (3/11/07) - Peter Bastien
3rd Sunday in Lent (3/11/07) Referring to Psalm 63:1, our theme is the search for God at those times when he seems absent. Karl Rahner writes of those who, after "God communicates himself openly to all, principally in Christ, but not only in him…some freely reject and refuse God." This seems too easy to set ourselves up in judgment, since few reject God – not defiance, but rather anguish, is the more common reaction, anguish related to God’s silence...
Keywords: Luther, Rahner, Psalm 63, Incarnation, anguish, Jesus
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[audio]I am Crucified with Christ by A.W. Tozer - brought by Peter-John Parisis (founder of The School of Prayer) - A. W. Tozer
I am Crucified with Christ by A.W. Tozer - brought by Peter-John Parisis (founder of The School of Prayer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone knows where I can get anymore sermons of the speakers listed on any of my websites where these are hosted....please email me and let me know. pjparisis@aol.com More audio books/chapters/sermons can be found on these links: http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=peter-john%20parisis http://www.archive.org/se...
Keywords: Tozer; God the Father; Jesus Christ the Son; The Holy Ghost; The Holy Spirit; The Bible; The Old Testament; The New Testament; Salvation; Repentance; Repent; Forgiveness; Sin; Hell; Heaven; The School of Prayer; Peter-John Parisis; Bryan Edwin Dean son of Harry Walter Dean and Margaret Lenore Dean of Linden; Michigan; audio sermons; audio religious books; audio books; Christianity; Christian; Missionary; Revival; Mystic; grace; law; justification; sanctification; forgive; The Pursuit of God Audio Library; School of Prayer
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[audio]Crucify And Rise - Peter Macinta
Being crucified in Christ is an essential element of a true walk with God. However, while I was going to address that element to my congregation, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting to add the facet of being raised with Christ. The two really go hand-in-hand. As you will see, crucifying the flesh deals with removing sinful desires and actions from our lives. Yet, there is that principle that when we remove that which is displeasing to God it needs to be replaced with something that is pleasing to G...
Keywords: deny; denying; mortify; kill; put off; cut off; put on; Spirit led; Holy Spirit; Adam; Christ; denying self; life; Paul; Peter; Onesimus; Jews; Gentiles; personal convictions
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[movies]Show Me Calvary (Ep. #89) - Jarrod Jacobs
"The Ancient Landmark" -- A televised Bible study hosted by Jarrod Jacobs. For more Bible study, go to: www.southside-churchofchrist.com
Keywords: Calvary. Christ; Jesus; Crucify; Crucified; Crucifixion; God; Holy Spririt; Punishment; Slaves; Slavery; Rome; Romans; Jews; Israel; Jerusalem; Matthew; Mark; Luke; John; Hebrews; Acts; Historical Place; Love; Grace; Obedience; Forgiveness; Rock; Walls; Nails; Blood
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